Soluciones de correo electrónico seguro de Sectigo (S / MIME)

Asegure su correo electrónico firmando digitalmente y encriptando las comunicaciones con nuestros certificados de correo electrónico, también llamados certificados de identificación personal.



Infrastructure monitoring service at different levels and in 5 × 8 and 24 × 7 modalities


Item Basic Medium Advanced
Perimeter devices YES YES YES
Antivirus console YES YES YES
Defacement main website YES YES YES
Includes SSL certificates   YES YES
Event correlation:      
External perimeter   YES YES
Network devices   YES YES
Servers     YES
User teams     YES
Threat intelligence     YES
Forensic analysis     YES
Ethical Hacking monthly     YES
Consulting hours     YES
Brand monitoring     YES
Anti-phishing     YES



Service of attention and channeling of queries and incidents oriented to the technical counterpart of the client.

Infraseg technicians and engineers will deliver a professional and high quality service, always with the sense of urgency that the client needs for its operational continuity.

Remote support channels

It refers to all non-face-to-face or field support channels by the Infraseg support team, among them are:

  • Web : : in which you can create a ticket where you can attach all the necessary evidence.
  • Email : : in which you can maintain a direct connection with the support team after having created the ticket through the support page.
  • Landline phone : in which you can, through the support menu, contact our team if the instructions given by email have not been successful and you require step-by-step help, or if you have an extremely urgent problem that you want immediate support.
  • Cell Phone : if you cannot contact us through the landline, or if you require help through other channels such as Telegram or WhatsApp, you can contact our specialists through this channel. 

Face-to-face support

It refers to on-site support at the customer's offices. This support is only provided when the technical problem is extremely complex or it is necessary to be physically at the client's office to understand or help solve the problem, incident or improvement.

To reach this level of support, it has already gone through remote support without obtaining the results expected by Infraseg or the client.


Event prioritization and service level agreements

Every case that is entered in the Ticket platform will be registered and prioritized according to its level of criticality, the Priority levels are based on the recommendations of the NIST in its document "SP 800-61 Rev. 2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide" and They are applied according to their impact on the client's platform, the attached table includes the SLAs for each case: